• Have a winning business idea? Lets make it a reality.
    You bring the passion, we'll bring the skills.



    We believe technology impacts our lives in every way and that great ideas need to be adapted to that reality. This is why our approach ensures 3 basic principals are always met:




    We aim to get businesses up and running right out of the box to find what needs adjusting so we can work on it until we get it right.

    We strive to maximize productivity at minimal expense. Our core-group leads a dedicated out-sourced workforce. By approaching our business in this manner, your business benefits.

    We believe brand potential is a key ingredient to  a successful business.


    Our visionary firm grows new-breed, technology-mixed companies using expert knowledge, close-mentorship, and efficient web-hosting solutions.

    The rapid growth of the web and web-technology has changed the face of marketing.  Now, tables have turned so that the best leads are the ones that find their way to your business through relevant and engaging content. Still, many organizations don't have the time to take this on. What those businesses still don't realize is that the key ingredient to driving online sales is a content-rich, dynamic website. Even  businesses that do understand this concept just don't have the time to keep their website up to date. That's why Boomity,  was created. Boomity is a web-platform that that makes it easy for organizations of any kind to transform their website into a lead-generating machine. Boomity requires no technical background to build a website, keep it up to date, and use it to engage customers with powerful yet practical set of content  marketing tools.


    Academiacs is a free online education exchange platform. Students can work with each other to achieve shared goals, find tutors, and join communities around academic subjects.

    SharedHR is a web-based HRIS solution that provides proprietary processes documents and forms that help ensure your Human Resources are in compliance with federal and state regulations.